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Electronic Payments Adds a Kitchen Display System and Sticker Label Printing to Exatouch® Point of Sale’s Offerings

The latest enhancements are designed specifically to help restaurants streamline operations, maximize profits, and increase service levels.

Calverton, New York — November 10, 2020 — With the recent enhancements made to its proprietary Exatouch® Point of Sale system, Electronic Payments, a nationwide leader in payments and POS, has made it easy for restaurants across the country to utilize an integrated kitchen display system (KDS) and sticker labels to boost efficiency and profits, while providing a superior customer experience.

Sourced by Epson America, Inc., a supplier of value-added point of sale technologies, the KDS and label printer solutions lead the market and uphold Epson’s reputation in quality and credibility. The durable hardware withstands high-volume activity and is integral to managing food order preparation, packaging, and accuracy.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

The integrated KDS offers all types of restaurants, particularly quick service establishments, benefits that improve customer service and employee workflows, including:

  • Numerous displays, enabling the entire kitchen staff to monitor order status
  • Customizable display features, including a selection of colors for fonts, modifiers, backgrounds, and more
  • A touchscreen display monitor and bump bar, both of which can be used to filter through and advance orders
  • An integrated printer with support for ticket printing and/or backup printing
  • Streamlined ordering, synchronizing waitstaff with the back-of-house team
  • Simplified breakdown of order customizations and modifiers
  • Real-time visibility into upcoming orders in an optional summary tile, helping kitchen staff coordinate prep, plating, and packaging times more efficiently (e.g., four small fries and five hamburgers across multiple incoming orders)
  • Up-to-the-minute inventory, enabling staff to quickly update menu selections when items are out of stock

The KDS is a reliable solution that fits easily into restaurants’ existing workflows. Simple to install, configure, and use, when an order is sent to the kitchen from Exatouch, it immediately appears on the display monitor(s). Orders are organized, legible, and designed to help kitchen staff stay on top of incoming orders. With 10 tiles available, the back-of-house team is able to manage multiple orders, and even use one of the tiles to summarize modifiers. Designed for restaurants to deliver accurate and complete orders quickly, this solution ensures food never comes out cold and patrons receive exactly what they want.

Restaurants can digitally manage orders, with or without paper, as the KDS eliminates the need for paper tickets that often build up in the kitchen and slow productivity. With the increased efficiencies that come with Exatouch’s KDS, restaurants can realize savings on their overall operational costs.

Sticker Labels

Support for printed sticker labels within Exatouch gives high-volume restaurants a more advantageous way to manage and distribute orders. Whether labeling multiple pieces so that a customer receives their complete order, or marking a container with the patron’s name and order specifications, peel-and-stick labels help waitstaff stay organized and improve overall customer service. Using an integrated printer, sticker labels are available in multiple sizes to accommodate a variety of containers, serving as an ideal solution for quick service restaurants, pizzerias, and other establishments that offer delivery and curbside service. Labels summarize order and customer details to ensure accuracy and the restaurant’s logo can be printed at the top of each label to expand branding.

“Restaurants are being challenged this year like never before, which is why we sped the development of our kitchen display system and label integrations with Exatouch,” said Michael Nardy, Founder and CEO of Electronic Payments. “These intuitive solutions simplify the work of restaurant staff so they can focus on customer service. Any restaurant taking advantage of these tools will instantly see how effective they are, both operationally and in terms of profitability.”

Exatouch is a leading POS system with countless applications and features, including an intuitive register, tableside and curbside ordering and payments, customizable menus and modifiers, robust reporting, delivery management, and more. Electronic Payments offers free menu and inventory builds and backs the system with in-house, U.S.-based technical support available 24/7.

Schedule a free demonstration through Calendly to see Exatouch’s latest features and how they help restaurants streamline operations, maximize profits, and heighten customer service.

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